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feed musicFacebook Announces Dedicated Music Tab in News Feed Redesign

Facebook on Thursday unveiled a new design that gives music its own dedicated newsfeed tab, one that appears to give bands and music marketers more real estate on the social network to broadcast their messages to fans.
In making the changes to its newsfeed algorithm, Facebook took a page from a relatively ancient medium -- newspapers. For decades, daily papers have divided their articles by sections -- sports, business, local news, arts, entertainment and so on. Similarly, Facebook’s new feeds will feature categories that its users engage with most frequently, such as music, games, photos and “following,” which pulls together posts and updates from pages that the user has “Liked.”
Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg, during a news conference in California to announce the new look, called it “the best personalized newspaper” available.
The move reflects Facebook’s latest attempt to organize the flood of posts that course through its network, separating wheat from chaff and serving up updates that people are most likely to find valuable.
In a nod to the importance of music, Facebook carved out a feed just for bands, artists and music services. (The company last year released a dedicated feed for games, another critical category for Facebook.)
“Music is something that really resonates with all of us,” said Chris Struhar, Facebook’s technical lead for the redesign project. “So we’re really excited to get this feed out in front of people.”
Source: http://www.billboard.com/biz/articles/news/digital-and-mobile/1551138/facebook-announces-dedicated-music-tab-in-news-feed